Company Information

Client Base

Over the years in operation we at A J Robson (Electrical) Ltd have developed a well established client base. Within the industrial and petro-chemical industries we have developed a wide and diverse client base, some of which are listed below. For many of these clients we are their nominated electrical contractor and have been for many years as our quality of service is guaranteed.

  • Air BP Aberdeen
  • Armourpost
  • CABOT Specialty Fluids
  • Coates Offshore
  • D.M.D. 2000 Ltd
  • Esso Petroleum (Marine)
  • European Materials Management (EMM)
  • Gomer Solutions
  • Joseph Robertson & Sons
  • Schoolhill Hydraulic Engineering Ltd
  • Transmit Containers
  • Weir SPM

Company History

A J Robson (Electrical) was founded in 1978 by Sandy Robson. Having served his time with Bell & Robertson in Aberdeen the primary client base A J Robson (Electrical) Ltd was industrial, with customers still existing to this day with the likes of John Fleming.

A small family firm, A J Robson gradually employed additional electricians keeping its roots in the industrial and petro-chemical industry.

A J Robson has always had flexibility, whether its installation, maintenance, repair or design and build of bespoke control packages we keep our engineers versed in all areas of the electrical industry.

In the mid eighties becoming a Limited company it was time to increase our office and workshop space.

Moving premises in 1988, our new location diversified our client base, introducing a range of fish filleting and processing factories. To this day we are still operating a breakdown service for many of these companies (much to the displeasure of our engineers, things never smell the same after a day in the fish processing industry).

In 2000 there was a development that was never expected, Neil Robson joined the company, always having been involved as a part time basis while at school and University it is now full time. This introduction has allowed A J Robson to extend its process and control capabilities to new levels.

With the commercial and domestic markets stepping into automated control systems with their lighting and power we are one of the first in the North East of Scotland to be actively promoting the use of these products in the home. This is further boosted by our being the nominated contractor in the Aberdeen area for Square D (who we have always had strong links with) and its domestic/commercial automation platforms of IHC and LEXCOM.

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A J Robson has always had a strong belief that todays companies must take on the responsibility of learning the electricians of tomorrow. As such we have always had apprenticeships in operation.

Being affiliated with the NICEIC and SELECT you can be sure that the lucky few who manage to attain an apprenticeship with A J Robson (Electrical) Ltd are learning from a company who works within the regulations of today, and not those of twenty years ago.

With our history in the industrial sector you will also get a diverse and varied learning period over which you shall encounter many different situations and hopefully learn a great deal to take you into the future.

Anybody wanting to be an electrician should contact their school careers guidance first. They will put you in contact with the SECTT (Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust). An aptitude test has to be completed before you consider applying for apprenticeships.

Want a change in career? Decided to become involved in the electrical industry later on in life? Click HERE to visit the SECTT web site. Here you will find information relating to mature learning and how to get involved in an apprenticeship scheme later on in life.

To contact A J Robson (Electrical) Ltd about apprenticeship spaces email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please attach a CV if you have one ready.