Working with electrical systems in hazardous areas with the potential of explosion, A J Robson (Electrical) Ltd has kept itself well founded in this industry having a wide range of on-shore clients who work within this industry.

Our engineers are qualified for the installation of electrical systems in Eex environments and we are going through constant updates, in particular with the introduction of the ATEX standards and the confusion it still seems to be causing some of our clients.

Sandy Robson in particular has nearly thirty years of experience in this industry and as such has a wealth of knowledge that we rely on in many instances to give a quick solution to the most stubborn of problems.

Proof of the quality of our workmanship can be seen at any of the sites we work at. We have clients who we have worked with for twenty years plus.

Eex installations can be mechanically intensive due to the arrangement and assembly of components whether they are of the modular GRP enclosures or the more recogniseable flameproof steel enclosures. At A J Robson (Electrical) Ltd our engineers our skilled in the use of these components and you can rely on us to complete your installation to a standard that exceeds your expections and completed to comply with installation regulations executed in areas of a hazardous nature with the potential of explosion.

From compact fuelling skids to complete site installations we have the ability and the workforce to satisfy the demands of any project you propose.