PPM or Planned Preventive Maintenance is in essence the implementation of a maintenance routine where specific checks are made on electrical and electro-mechanical components at pre-defined intervals.

These checks allow for faults to be identified, hopefully before they cause unwanted downtime.

There is also a historical database compiled as the PPM schedules are completed. This historical database (primarily for electrical components) allows for predictions to be made. Spare components can be identified as required, installed and replaced without waiting for these faulty components to stop the process or plant the correspond too.

To compile plant component lists can be an arduous task, or even an impossible task if there is not the skilled staff on your site to do such a thing. Why not take the effort out of performing your own PPM and contact A J Robson (Electrical) Ltd.

We can carry out your PPM from initial planning through to all testing and checks. If you have non-electrical systems we can have that attended too also, keeping its logged results within your PPM schedule which you would have access to at any time.

Key Benefits

  • Provide a planned schedule for your plant maintenance without your involvement.
  • Historical database compiled of machine repair and operation history.
  • Aids quick resolution of possible faults before they occur.