A J Robson originated in the industrial and petro-chemical industry, having many years experience in these fields, our engineers are experienced in the installation and repair of electro-mechanical systems across a broad spectrum of industries.

Over the years we have developed a customer base in many differing areas from seafood preparation factories, reclamation and treatment plants to aviation fuelling depots.

We have built a strong alliance over the years with a range of skilled engineers in many differing areas from pneumatics, mechanical systems, fluid handling, refrigeration and most other skilled industries.

Our engineers understand the need for rapid turnaround time, as such constantly keep stock of primary material requirements so that repairs can be made without the need for long distance trips to source materials.

From the incoming electrical supply to the final drive function of any electrical system we can supply, install, replace or maintain with the minimum of interruption to your workplace and production time.

Planned Preventive Maintenance is part of the modern industrial workplace. As such we offer PPM services for our clients who cannot justify the need for their own on site PPM. For more information please visit our PPM section, feel free to use this link.

Promoting the use of thermal imagery in today's Planned Preventive Maintenance routines, this provides rapid maintenance inspections which is non-invasive and predictive. Faults can be identified before they occur. For more information go to our Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) section using the side button or click here. As a quick example can you see the problem with the fuses opposite. (little hint, one is hotter than it should be, unbalanced load).

Key Benefits

  • Conversant across a wide spectrum of industries with many different process and production plant.
  • ASET approved engineers for working in potentially hazardous environments.
  • Skilled engineers quick to learn new systems allowing repairs with minimum of disruption.
  • Rapid response breakdown service offered to established customers.
  • Square D approved installers, access to 100A > 1200A distribution off the shelf.

Harmonisation is the buzz word in the industry, for more information on what it is and its effects click HERE.