What is LEXCOM?
LEXCOM is a revolution in the distribution of audio/video/data/telephony, allowing the distribution of all your entertainment needs on a single type of screened universal twisted pair cable.

How does this affect the appliances used for these distribution points?
It doesn't. The outlet points are RJ-45 which is what we would use for computer networks anyway. For your telephones, television equipment and audio equipment we use small modular adaptors to convert the port for the required function.

How does this benefit the installer?
Instead of coordinating with each client as to the proposed layout of their home, points can be located in multiple locations in each room and then the points are configured to suit the clients request.

How does this benefit the end user?
Once your installation is configured the system is transparent and there should be no difference noticed between a conventional wiring system and LEXCOM.

The next time the end user decides to revise the layout of their home their is no need to have tradesmen in moving television points or phone points. It is a simple modification at the distribution centre which anyone can do.

Are there any hidden extras?
This depends on your opinion. LEXCOM can provide hidden extras, but only for the benefit of the user. With LEXCOM you can distribute digital television services around the home with the greatest of ease without the need for bulky receiver boxes lying about. Have the receiver box hidden where you hide the distribution equipment, then by the wonder of modern technology have your digital service in every room. You'll still be able to change the receiver channel without leaving your seat, in fact you can do this from multiple rooms.

What are the drawbacks?
None, this has to be one of a few things in life where all it provides is benefits over todays method of completing the task of audio/video/telephony distribution through homes and commercial premises.

Who is LEXCOM marketed at?
It was primarily designed for the home market but has since expanded and LEXCOM can be used in the workplace, small hotels, anywhere that there is audio/video/data/telephony distribution issues.

  • Small hotels and B&B's, ever wanted to show films in your rooms, lock out certain channels after certain times, offer a flexible service for your customers that is still controlled by you, LEXCOM is the solution. A cost effective solution to provide the distribution facilities that bigger hotel chains offer but at a cost effective budget.
  • In todays workplace, layout changes happen all the time. Using LEXCOM you can change your office layout as often as you need without having trades putting mini-trunking over your walls or worse, stapling cables to your skirting. LEXCOM allows you to assign the various points around your offices to perform the function you require. In March you may have a fax and telephone in a corner of your office, by August it could be a workstation and network printer, by the following January someone else is on board and the printer has to move so a desk and phone can go in its place. With LEXCOM thats a quick switch of a cable twice. Not two visits from your IT and telephony firms.

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