What is IHC?
It stands for "Intelligent Home Control", what it is, is a new approach to the wiring of domestic and commercial premises. Instead of wiring from switch to light, we wire from switch to controller and controller to light. This means that instead of a light having control from one or two specific switches, it can be configured to be controlled from any switch on the system.

How can IHC benefit the installer?
As IHC allows for any switch to operate any light, installation can be completed without the need for customer discussion to say "that switch must operate those lights ....etc". The installation can be configured to allow any switch to perform any function.

But its not just switches, read on.

How can this benefit the end user?
In any way you can imagine. Do you want to change you lighting system so that when you go to bed you can flick a switch to turn all the house lights off? Are your children scared of the dark? Why not have the lights outside there room door stay on for half and hour after they go to bed. Its not a case of thinking of benefits that IHC can provide today, but in 6 months a years time. With conventional wiring techniques, once its completed it can be major work to make little changes. With IHC its 5 minutes and your imagination.

What else can IHC do apart from your lights?
What happens if your washing machine in your utility room leaks, if the water gets near a socket or other electrical appliance there could be unwanted damage, by using water sensors the electricity supply to this room could be shut off until resolved.

Is it a chore to get your curtains open and closed, link them to IHC and you could have them automated off of a timer or from a sensor that lets IHC know its dark or light.

Want people to think you are in while on holiday? Don't just put a timer on your table lamp, have all your home lights simulate a full house coming on and off as desired.

Now for the toys!
The security conscious among us would like to know if there is problems at home. With IHC you can have it send you an SMS to your mobile. It could phone a preset number and play a message or send an email saying you have an intruder, or a flood or your fire alarm has triggered.

Want ambience at home, use the dimming modules of  IHC to set different lighting moods in your lounge. Have a "party" mode, a "quiet night at home" mode or a "home cinema" mode.

Link IHC to your doorbell. Don't wake the kids with late callers, have your lounge and your bedroom lights strobe when your doorbell is rung between 10pm and 8am.

The limits are endless, use your imagination and IHC can revolutionise how you interact with your home.

Its not just homes. Do you have a partition plan office that is revised in layout. Instead of having electricians rewire the lighting each time a partition is added or removed. Use IHC switching, it eliminates the number of unwanted joins put into your electrical wiring as it is never changed and allows quick switching changes by minor controller program changes.

The majority of domestic and commercial switching is 240Vac. The chance of electrical injury due to interference with these switches is many times greater than with the wiring of IHC. It uses 24Vdc which is classed as and 'Extra Low Voltage'. This can be operated on live with no consequence to the engineer.

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