With the domestic market we are looking to take it into the 21st century with the implementation of 'flexible home installations'. This is simply a change in the way domestic wiring is completed, it does not affect how the occupant would operate their lights or entertainments appliances (tv, audio system, home computer) but will revolutionise the end result of the installation. 

By installing a home automation package the switching in your home can be configured to suit the user and not the electrician that installs the wiring. You can modify switches to carry out specific functions that cannot be done with conventional wiring. You can protect your home from electrical faults due to water damage, you can even incorporate home security features like holiday modes to automatically operate your lighting while on holiday, but not just one light, your whole home.

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Conventionally to wire your television points required coaxial cable ran from a central point to each planned television location.

With your telephone you would usually find telephone cable ran to each proposed telephone point.

If you are looking for distributed home audio (speakers in multiple rooms) then you need to install your multi-strand cables to each speaker location.

In today's computer oriented world more homes are having home networks installed, this is yet another type of cable to install, universal twisted pairs, running from a central point to each proposed home computer station.

What if this could be completed with one type of cable? Well it can and the benefits are boundless. Using LEXCOM from Square D we can wire your home in one cable type and one common type of point at each location, audio, video, telephony and data. By installing the entertainment distribution in such a matter the primary advantage is achieved. You can change the function of say your telephone point to a television point by the switch of a lead back at the distribution centre.

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  • Looking to improve the electrical installation in your home?
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We can perform a quick an easy check of your electrical installation, suggest possible improvements to be made to comply with the latest building regulations, identify faults that must be corrected and even provide a competitive price to carry out these changes.

Using Square D as our primary switchgear we can carry out consumer unit changes with little or no interference to your day.

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