Electrical distribution, machine or control systems, repair services are becoming less common in todays throw-away culture. At A J Robson we have instilled the need for repair skills with our engineers as there are still many situations where the ability to trace for faults and repair those faults is invaluable.

The years in industry have taught us that electrical components and switchgear are constantly being revised so we attempt to store a selection of 'older' components with emphasis on Square D and Telemecanique.

By keeping all our engineers equipped with the skills and the necessary handtools and metering equipment its rare for us to become stuck to solve a problem in more than one visit. 

Key Benefits

  • Our engineers are skilled at fault finding.
  • We enforce a need for flexibility in our workforce, being able to make repairs
  • without the backup of multiple helpdesks and remote engineers.
  • If it is faulty we will get it operational!